'The Darkest Hour' Trailer #2; Everything You'd Want From A Trailer In 60 Seconds

Ask someone to list all the big movies coming out this holiday season and, odds are, they'd forget about The Darkest Hour. Summit's Christmas Day sci-fi film starring Emile Hirsch and Olivia Thirlby as Americans stuck in Moscow who must fight an invisible, energy-sucking alien enemy, hasn't gotten the kind of massive push Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol or Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows has. Because of that, it's in danger of being lost in the shuffle and will have to rely on positive word of mouth to carve out an audience in such a crowded market place.

This latest video, which is actually just an extended commercial, could help that chatter start. Unlike the previous trailers, this one cuts right to the chase and gives us global destruction, invisible aliens and big guns to fight them with. Check it out below.

Head over to Apple to see this trailer in full HD. Here's an embed.

Time will tell if The Darkest Hour can build the kind of buzz it's going to need, but I think this trailer/commercial could help. With that voice over at the end, it was obviously cut to play on television and I think any teenage boy who sees that commercial will likely be curious about it. Whether or not those people like it and tell their friends? That's a whole other story.

The gist I get from the Darkest Hour marketing is that the film has an incredibly massive conceit and the story we see is a very small part of that. It feels like one of those movies where 40 movies could be made that take place at the same time, maybe even in the same city, let alone the rest of the world. My worry is, even with the cool effects you see above, it'll feel too small for audiences looking for giant escapism.

Is The Darkest Hour on your radar? Are you excited for it?