WTF: 'Puss In Boots: A Furry Tail,' Now On DVD

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No, the Puss in Boots you're thinking of is not yet on DVD. That film, which is actually pretty fun, feature the voices of Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek and Zach Galifianakis and is a spin off of DreamWorks Animation's massively successful Shrek series. It's in 3D and was made with beautiful, expensive, computer-generated animation. No. That Puss in Boots is not yet on DVD.

The film in question, Puss in Boots: A Furry Tail, is a cheap, hand-drawn knockoff put on the market so that unassuming, uneducated parents will buy it thinking it's the high quality version. Which, most certainly, it is not. But it's still pretty funny to see what passes for family entertainment these days. Check out a clip and some more after the jump. [UPDATE - We've also been alerted to another awful, hilarious, Puss money grab. It's below.]

Cartoon Brew get the credit for unearthing this direct-to-DVD-delight and even got the film's director, Darrell Van Citters, to comment:

The cover was meant to create confusion in the marketplace by intimating that the film is CG but unfortunately bears virtually no resemblance to what's actually on the DVD. I only directed it, but I worked with the writer to make sure he didn't write anything that couldn't be executed for more than a $1.98.

Wow. Love the honestly. Here's the full cover in question:

And here's a clip from the piece which looks decidedly different from the cover.

This kind of thing happens all the time and for many hit films. You'll always see some cheesy sports movies or robot movies released if a major film in that genre is a hit in theaters. I'm sure with The Muppets doing well some cheap, quick, puppet movies are currently being completed to capitalize. Such is the parasitic nature of the beast in Hollywood...or where ever these films are getting made.

What are some of your favorite, or least favorite, knock off films?

EDIT – /Film reader Taylor G alerted us to another Puss in Boots rip off, this one starring William Shatner. Wow.