LOL: Fox Business Report Says 'The Muppets' Is Brainwashing Kids Against Capitalism And The Oil Industry

You probably didn't realize it at the time, because that would defeat the purpose of the brainwashing, but when you took your kids to see The Muppets, you were playing right into liberal Hollywood's plan to indoctrinate your kids into a belief system in which wealth, corporate success and the oil industry are great evils. In other words: The Muppets hates capitalism, and by taking your kids to see it you, and your young children, might start to hate capitalism, too. Maniacal laugh!

That's the argument of a report from Follow the Money on Fox Business. Check it out below.

Best part: where the 'analyst' talking about Hollywood's agenda against capitalism manages to equate The Muppets, Cars 2, Syriana, and There Will Be Blood. All the same movie! I hadn't thought of a Muppets/TWBB double-feature, so I'm glad this report brainwashed me into thinking that's a good idea. Because it is.

Remember kids: Tex Richman is the bad guy in The Muppets because he's a dick, not because he's rich. [MediaMatters]