Watch Darren Aronofsky's Video For 'The View,' By Lou Reed And Metallica

Well, I warned you a couple weeks ago that Darren Aronofsky would be directing a video for a song from the Lou Reed and Metallica record Lulu. Originally the report was that the song would be 'Iced Honey,' but what we get is in fact a video for one of the more unintentionally hilarious songs on Lulu, 'The View.' (It's the song that has James Hetfield screaming "I am the table!" No, there are no single shots of a table in this video.)

Now we've got the video, and it's really just some black and white footage of Loutallica playing the track in a rehearsal space. It looks good from a purely aesthetic perspective, properly moody and increasingly fragmented and blurry as the song goes on. But there's really not all that much to it. Check it out below.

I can't imagine that Aronofsky was given any budget to speak of for this video. Perhaps he did this as a favor, or just out of his own interest in making it. In reality I don't know that there's anything that anyone at all could do to make this song seem good. But I suppose I hoped that Aronofsky might be able to put some lipstick on the Loutallica pig.

Most notable to me is the fact that there is little done to counter one of the core critical complaints of the record, which is that Reed and Metallica rarely sound like they're performing in the same space, on the same songs. Lou's pretty isolated here in this video, until the end when there's some effort to visually equate he and James Hetfield. But it's too little, too late — 'The View' still comes off as a really weird pair of disparate elements superglued together. That might be exactly Aronofsky's point.

So, if that wasn't very satisfying, here's Hitler reacting to the news that Lou Reed would record with Metallica. Because this instance of the meme is actually just about perfect.