Superhero Bits: The Dark Knight Rises, Justice League, The Avengers, Star Wars, Lego

In what movie can you see Leslie Bibb as Wonder Woman, Jason Sudeikis as Batman, Bobby Cannavale as Superman, John Hodgman as Penguin, Uma Thurman as Lois Lane and Kristen Bell as Supergirl? How does Christopher Nolan describe Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? What happens when you combine Batman: The Animated Series and Star Wars? Which other heroes are showing up in the new Batman Lego video game? And will Kenneth Branagh return to Marvel? Read about all of this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

The Hollywood Reporter ran a few more quotes from the recent Empire article on The Dark Knight Rises. There's one about Tom Hardy being "intimidated" by Batman but this one, Christopher Nolan talking about Bane, is more telling:

He's a great sort of movie monster but with an incredible brain, and that was a side of him that hadn't been tapped before. Because the stories from the comics are very epic and very evocative — very much in the way that Bruce Wayne's origin story is epic and evocative. We were looking to really parallel that with our choice of villain. So he is a worthy adversary.

Look what showed up on the side of a building in Portland recently. Thanks To Reddit (via The Daily What).

io9 has an interview with a journalist who was very close to real life superhero Phoenix Jones. Pretty interesting stuff.

Geek Tyrant (via CBM) has posted several highly impressive piece of fan art of The Dark Knight Rises. This one is by Dogan Can Gundogdu. There are other cool ones at those links.Christian Bale commented to the Daily Inquirer (via Vulture) on the end of shooting for The Dark Knight Rises:

I wrapped a few days ago so that will be the last time I'm taking that cowl [Batman hood] off. I believe that the whole production wrapped yesterday, so it's all done. Everything's finished. It's me and Chris — that will be the end of that Batman era.

Designer Dean T Fraser came up with a very cool concept, combining Star Wars and Batman The Animated Series. He calls it Star Wars : Empire of the Bat and you can see more designs and read more about it on his site. Thanks to io9.

C.S.I. Miami star Adam Rodriguez, originally reported as being a part of The Dark Knight Rises, isn't in the movie due to scheduling conflicts.

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Cracked (via SuperPunch) points out Kevin Bolk's funny take on an Avengers promo image released a few months back.Leslie Bibb spoke to Collider about playing Wonder Woman in a Justice League themed short segment of The Farrelly Brothers' Movie 43:

The Farrelly Brothers did this compilation of these shorts and there's a whole slew of us. Hugh Jackman did one, Gerard Butler, Kate Winslet. Mine is, me and Jason Sudeikis and Justin Long and Bobby Cannavale and um...John Hodgman is the Penguin. And Bobby Cannavale is a jacked up Superman who smokes. And we all are like these fucked up superheroes. Like, I'm sleeping with Batman [Sudeikis]. He won't call me back. I'm kind of crazy. And we're at this dating mixer. Uma Thurman is, I think is Supergirl and Kristen Bell is Supergirl and Uma Thurman is Lois Lane or something. And we're all just dysfunctional superheroes, like superheroes who just can't get a date. So we're all at this speed dating thing. So, I'm Wonder Woman and I have on this amazing wig and the whole getup, which was pretty fantastic. And I'm crazier than bat shit. Like, she is really crazy, so it was really fun because I know Jason and he won't call me back and I love him and he just doesn't care about me. And so it proved to be a good time.

If this leaked image of new Batman Lego video game is to be believed, it will incorporate many different DC super heroes. Thanks to Bricktuts (via CBM).

Oscar winning visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin took to Twitter to address rumors about The Dark Knight Rises prologue. He confirmed it would be released only in 70mm theaters and more.

Entertainment Earth has a huge sale on DC Universe action figures for Cyber Monday.Modern Medicine (via CBM) ran an interview with Paul Gitter, president of consumer products for Marvel Entertainment, to discuss The Avengers merch.Comic Book Movie has put up another rumored description of The Dark Knight Rises prologue. It's 100% different from the one we ran a few weeks back and decidedly less exciting.Kenneth Branagh "wouldn't rule out a return to Marvel" according to an interview with Variety.