Infographic: Martin Scorsese Is A Man For All Genres

Memory works by compartmentalization. Our minds often like to reduce data to patterns, and those patterns get compacted into simple categories. And so for many people Martin Scorsese, despite having made The Last Waltz, Kundun and The Aviator, is just a director of New York gangster movies. (Maybe with a slight detour up to Boston for The Departed.)

But those who really know Scorsese's career know that the path he has taken isn't even vaguely that simple. And while it is easy to think of him as a man who works primarily in one mode, it is far more fascinating to see how he has been able to apply his talent to a very diverse array of subjects.

If you need a reminder, check out the infographic below. Called 'A Man For All Genres,' it shows just how much Martin Scorsese has really done since he began to make movies for the public in 1967.

Obviously this chart isn't a be-all, end-all take on Scorsese's career. There are quite a few films and projects that could be argued to fit into different categories, or more than one. (the 'musical' and 'documentary' categories have a lot of overlap, for example.) But it is a pretty good guide, and an excellent and quick reminder of just how versatile a career Scorsese has had.

Check out the Fast Company article in which this infographic originates, as it is a really solid feature woven in part out of a good interview with Scorsese.