J.J. Abrams Is Answering Questions On Quora

Whether or not this will be an ongoing thing or if it's just to help promote the home video release of Super 8 is unclear. But, as of right now, J.J. Abrams is answering fan questions or Quora.

Quora, for those who are unaware, is sort of Yahoo Answers meets Wikipedia. It's a user generated database of information that's based on people's questions and answers. That said, it's not like Formspring where you could ask Abrams absolutely anything. It has to be information based. So, for example, a question like "Who might Benicio Del Toro be playing in Star Trek 2?" would work. Not that he'd answer, but, it's an objective question that provides information to readers.

After the jump, we'll highlight a few of Abrams' first answers – all Super 8 related – and give you the link where Quora users can post their own questions.

Here's a link to Abrams' Quora page.

The latest two questions he answered, which occurred on Monday morning November 21, are as follows, complete with his answers:

What is JJ Abrams' favorite moment in Super 8?

I love Joel's performance — one of my favorite moments is when he's being held by this huge alien and is terrified but also brave and hopeful. It's especially amazing to me, since he was actually just standing on the ground and I was just off camera waving a huge piece of cardboard at him to make his hair move as if the creature was breathing on him. He did such an amazing job. Also, the train crash was really fun to film. But my favorite moment is such a small thing: Joel telling Elle's character about what happened to his mother — and how it was bad when she died, but that his dad got the necklace she wore back, and gave it to him. He's just so sweet there, so hopeful, and then his heart sinks, all on camera.

Are any of the characters in Super 8 based on JJ Abrams as a young filmmaker?

The chubby director was partially me, because I was a chubby director. But I relate most to the main kid, sort of because of the way he interacts with the world. That is to say, he's sort of an outsider. Not an athlete, not wildly confident. A romantic, but unable to act on it. I felt a lot like that when I was a kid.

Do you think Abrams will continue with this? Are you a Quora user?