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Header Photo: This Marty McFly art on a 8x8 handbill was given away by artist Tyler Stout as a bonus item to everyone who ordered the "Le Loup de fer" art print. Tyler mentioned the following on his website "as for the extra smaller print, hopefully people enjoy it, just done for fun, not a hint or anything."

WhatCulture lists the Top 10 Directors Of The NoughtiesThe sexiest pancake alive?The Descendants has an excellent start in limited opening with $1.2 million

Visual Effects In Movies: The Green Screen

Pajiba lists The 10 Most Successful Pregnancy Movies of All TimeCheck out Barry Blankenship's Plan 9 from Outer Space Poster

Disney has released two Awards Season "For Your Consideration" ads for Cars 2. As if the movie has any chance for the Best Animated Oscar this year... Pfffft.

Yoda is selling Cup Noodles in Japan

Mashable explains How Social Media Revived The Muppets

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The new Threadless t-shirt "The Three Trials" is an homage to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Miramax has signed a streaming content deal with Brazil's NetMovies.

Australian Star Wars burlesque

ShortList lists 30 inexplicably damning reviews for awesome movies

Another funny Threadless t-shirt out this week is the He-Man parody "I Have The Powerpoint"

OC lists 50 Iconic Writers Who Were Repeatedly RejectedInfographic: Do You Live in the Twilight Belt?Geek Twins lists Eight Movies That Prove Disney Is Not Just For KidsArt of the Title takes a look at the title sequence for Enter The Void.The Race lists 22 Awards Contenders That Prominently Feature Animals.Little Shop of Horrors CakeScreened lists Filmmakers Who Switch GenresForever Geek lists 10 Geeky Photo Mosaics.

IFC Midnight Picks Up U.S. Rights to Sci-fi Thriller The Corridor

USA Network has released an iPad app.

Scarlett Johansson will make her directorial debut with the Truman Capote adaptation Summer Crossing.

A Star Wars fan built a LEGO docking bay for his LEGO Millennium Falcon, comprised of 10,500 bricks and taking four months to complete.

DenofGeek lists 10 horrific moments of implied movie violence.

Watch some behind the scenes B-roll footage from The Sitter.

WhatCulture lists the 10 most iconic images in tv history.

Fear and Loathing on Tatooine

GeekSugar lists 8 gifts for your number one Trekkie.Blast from the past: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Total Recall DVD Commentary

Open Road Films Takes U.S. Rights to Dax Shepard's Outrun.

LEGO Admiral Snackbar.FuriousFanboys lists The Ten Best Special Effects Movies EverCheck out the First Poster for Eddie Murphy's A Thousand WordsTHR lists 12 of Hollywood's Most Mysterious Deaths.Check Out This Fantastic Japanese Poster for Jason Reitman's Young Adult.UGO lists The Muppet's Best Cameos.Check out movie theatre displays for Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace 3D and Dr. Seuss' The Lorax.Jason Segel wanted to put Elmo in The Muppets, but was denied by the Disney legal team:

"I wrote a scene where we were trying to get Elmo to be the celebrity host of The Muppet Show, anda team of lawyers tells us no. [Then] that's what actually happened — a team of lawyers told us Elmo wasn't available."

Watch Miss Piggy's Oscar-Worthy Fozzie Bear Impression

Sirius XM will launch Muppets Radio.

Check out the poster for Project X.Empire lists 100 Things you didn't know about Lord of the Rings.