Sequel Bits: 'Wanted 2,' 'Step Up 4' Poster, 'Tintin 3' Probably Based On 'Prisoners Of The Sun,' New 'Evil Dead' Logo

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With so much sequel news breaking every day, this little post we call Sequel Bits is becoming a semi-regular feature. That truth probably makes most of us feel like /Film commenter brock_rox who wrote the following after the last installment. "It's sad that we live in a world where a column especially devoted to sequel news has to exist. We brought this upon ourselves." Very true, sir. However, the fact of the matter is most of us harbor an unsubstantiated desire for these sequels to live up to the expectations of their predecessors. And while that's oh-so-rarely the case, as movie fans, you've gotta believe. Hence Sequel Bits will exist every once in a while.

Will these films live up to their predecessors? You be the judge. After the jump read about:

  • Wanted 2 screenwriters Michael Brandt and Derek Haas are writing the sequel in the hopes Timur Bekmambetov returns to direct
  • The second Tintin film will not be Prisoners Of The Sun. It may, however, be the plot of Tintin 3.
  • The American Film Market provides our first look at a poster for Step Up 4 and the logo of the Evil Dead remake.
  • Coming Soon talked to writer/director team Michael Brandt and Derek Haas about their new film The Double and asked them about Wanted 2. They're also wrote the original based on the comic book series by Mark Millar.

    Right now, we're writing the sequel, "Wanted 2." We're doing that knowing with absolute certainty that I'm not going to be directing that movie. I'm not interested in it and, hopefully, Timur [Bekmambetov] will come back on to direct. You write it with Timur's sensibility and try to give him the most leeway to do what he does really well....We're writing and basically picking Wesley up a few years after the events of the first movie and throwing him back into that world.

    Head there to read more about The Double, Overdrive and more.

    Screenwriter Anthony Horowitz has been tasked with writing a second Tintin film, which will be directed by Peter Jackson after he releases The Hobbit: There and Back Again in December 2013 (and, assuming, this year's Steven Spielberg film is a big enough hit). In an interview with the BBC (via Bleeding Cool) he said previous reports of the sequel's story were inaccurate. The filmmakers have yet to settle on a story for Jackson's sequel but think the third film, if there is one, will be based on Prisoners of the Sun:

    I can tell you that I think the second film is not going to be Prisoners of the Sun. What it is going to be is still under discussion. I've had meetings with the directors and producers and we've talked about ideas and action sequences. At the moment I'm trying to put together a story that will please everybody. It's a very difficult one to do...The good news is if [Prisoners Of The Sun] is not the second film it'll be the third film so actually I could end up with two Tintins under my belt.

    So what's Prisoners of the Sun about? Here's a short Amazon description.

    After The Seven Crystal Balls set the eerie stage, Tintin and his friends continue their adventures in Peru. There Tintin rescues an orange-seller named Zorrino from being bullied, and the young man becomes their guide in their quest to find the Temple of the Sun. But they find more than they bargained for and end up in a hot spot. The perils of this engaging two-part adventure are especially harrowing in their combination of the supernatural and the real, although the resolution is a little too deus ex machina. Calculus and the Thompsons provide their usual comic relief.

    Finally, the American Film Market is currently going on so you're going to see (and probably already have) a lot of materials for movies coming out way down the line. So, for example, we have these two images. One is your first look at Step Up 4 (via Coming Soon) which will be released July 27, 2012 and then there's the title treatment for the Evil Dead remake via Bloody Disgusting.

    The new spin on Evil Dead will be that the reason the group is in the woods is the Ash character takes his sister to the cabin to kick a drug addiction and while going through withdrawal, it's impossible for them to realize she's possessed.

    What are your thoughts on all of this stuff?