VOTD: Johnny Depp Isn't Very Happy With Ricky Gervais

OK, fine, Johnny Depp isn't really upset with Ricky Gervais. But in this preview from Life's Too Short, the new show Gervais, Warwick Davis and Stephen Merchant are doing for the BBC, we watch as Davis introduces Depp to Gervais. Thanks to a few jokes made as Gervais hosted the Golden Globes, the conversation doesn't go very well. But Tim Allen will be happy to know that someone has his back, I expect. Check out the clip below.

Side note: I really want to do some before and after comparison of Depp's voice and delivery before and after he became friends with Hunter S. Thompson. Seeing the degree to which he's channeling Thompson here made me wonder about how much full-time channeling of the Doc he's done over the past years.