Lionsgate Buys 'Black Swan' Writer Mark Heyman's 'XOXO'

It's been months since Black Swan co-writer Mark Heyman began shopping his upscale thriller XOXO, but the project has finally found a home at Lionsgate. After months of negotiation, the studio has just finalized a deal to acquire Heyman's spec script, described as "Fatal Attraction for the digital age." As previously reported, Darren Aronofsky and Michael London (Sideways) are set to produce, along with Kelly Mullen. More details after the jump.

Heyman's first feature screenplay, Black Swan, was a huge critical and commercial hit, earning a Best Picture nod and grossing $329 million worldwide. While Heyman can't take sole credit for writing the script — Andrés Heinz and John McLaughlin were also co-writers on the project — it's certainly an auspicious start for any screenwriting career. Since the success of Black Swan, Heyman has been associated with a couple of other films, including Marc Webb's Age of Rage and Aronofsky's Machine Man, but neither project is very far along at this point.

No director or cast has been announced for XOXO at this time. The "elevated genre tale" will be Heyman's fourth collaboration with Aronofsky — in addition to writing Black Swan and Machine Man, Heyman also co-produced the filmmaker's 2008 drama The Wrestler.