Superhero Bits: The Dark Knight Rises, Batman: Arkham City, The Avengers, Robot Chicken, Superman 2

Want to see a preview of the DC Comics Robot Chicken special? What does Kevin Feige have to say about the ensemble of The Avengers? How is that movie influencing the current Marvel Comics? Did Batman: Arkham City sell well during its first week? What does the wrap t-shirt for The Dark Knight Rises look like? And why is Batman high-fiving Will Smith sitting on giraffe with an explosion in the background and Gary Coleman on a bear? Read about all of this and more in today's Superhero Bits.

Adult Swim (via CBM) has provided a NSFW preview of the upcoming DC Comics edition of Robot Chicken. It'll air next summer.The Hollywood Reporter has a long article on how The Avengers movie trailer is pleasing to both film goers and hardcore comic fans alike. They also have a gallery of images showing how the film has influenced the comics and vice versa.Kevin Feige spoke to Empire (via Superhero Hype) about the ensemble nature of The Avengers. Here's a snippet:

As any fan of the Marvel team up knows, what happens when Marvel heroes team up? – They fight each other, then they fight together. We did not shy away from that direction....The best Avengers comics are when no-one is the leader. Joss has done a great job of making this a true ensemble picture – Loki and Fury are, if anything, true drivers of the story at points. And Jeremy Renner could steal the movie from everybody with his bow and arrow. We don't have to make this Iron Man and his amazing friends – Iron Man's a giant, giant part of the movie and when he comes in, people take notice, but this is an Avengers movie.

Those crazy kids and their social networks. Superheros points us to this funny Batman and Robin comic.

4.6 Million. That's how many copies of Batman: Arkham City have shipped in the first week. Multiply that by $60 and you'll see why video games are so lucrative. Read the full press release at Superhero Hype.

Batman has had a bad day in this photo from LATFG (via That's Nerdalicious).

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MTV has an exclusive clip from the upcoming seasons of The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Though Mark Hamill recently retired from voicing The Joker, CBM points out he tweeted that he'd come back if they animated Alan Moore's classic The Killing Joke.

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Last week we ran an image and link to the work of Batman creative director Jeff Matsuda who turned to Reddit to draw a bunch of user requested images. Gamma Squad made a slide show of all his hilarious work including the one above, which is Batman high-fiving Will Smith sitting on a unicorn or giraffe with an explosion in the background and Gary Coleman on a bear.

This is several years old, but I'd never seen it and thanks to The Mary Sue (via Boing Boing) it's once again making the rounds. Spider-Man dancing to Michael Buble.

Want the best Halloween costume EVER? The Effects Labs (via CBM) have posted a whole bunch of photos of this detailed Batman: Arkham City costume they created. Talk about gorgeous.

All you Superman 2 fans might want to pick up this shirt from Planet Houston.

Comic Book Movie got a few updates on The Dark Knight Rises. First up, that's an image of the wrap TV shirt given to people who helped filming in Los Angeles.





This Facebook post by a the owner of the New York Martial Arts Academy seems to reveal a major fight that's happening in The Dark Knight Rises with the Gotham City Police. Thanks again to CBM for the find.