VOTD: 'The Gawper,' A Short Animated Graveyard Caper

Here's a fun little short film that is part early Universal horror (or RKO — in particular, the Val Lewton films) and part Tim Burton. It is about a minute and half of what looks like stop-motion and puppetry, but is likely actually CGI. Either way that's fine, as the short is a cute piece of graveyard fun. The Gawper is the sort of thing that might have appeared between other shorts on MTV's Liquid Television, or would have been right at home between installments of an October movie marathon on some dusty regional TV station decades back. Check it out below.

The same company responsible for this short, the brilliantly-named A Large Evil Corporation, also did this cool little animation that acts as opening credits / an animated poster for a film that doesn't exist, Unforgettable Evil From Mars.

And the desktop wrestling short Blu-Tac wrestlers feels unfinished, but still got a laugh out of me.