'Chronicle' Trailer: A Convincing First Look At Fox's Found-Footage Not-Quite-Superhero Tale

We've seen a lot of superhero origin stories and we've seen a lot of low-fi 'found footage' films. But we haven't seen many project combine those two approaches. And of the projects that have come close to that idea, none have looked quite as promising as Chronicle. This is a movie about three high-school friends who end up with hero-like powers. Rather than becoming heroes, however, these kids play around — as you probably would — and depicts the way things go wrong when one of the kids makes a rash decision.

We've covered Chronicle a bit as Fox started making the film, but we haven't known much about it until now. A trailer hit today, and it looks solid — check out the footage below.

MTV is the origin point for the trailer.

Good stuff, right? The kids look pretty believable, and while the budget obviously isn't high, the depiction of the developing powers works for me. And while I look at most found footage films and feel as if I can predict exactly how they're going to go down, there is an element of uncertainty here.

Chronicle is directed by Josh Trank and written by Max Landis, who seems to have projects all over town lately. It stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, Alex Russell and Michael Kelly.

Fox will release Chronicle on February 3.