Real Life Weirdness: Seattle Superhero Phoenix Jones Reveals His Identity To Reporters On Court House Steps

The dramatic unmasking is part of many a superhero tale, so it's fitting that real-life costumed crusader Phoenix Jones has gotten his moment of truth as well. Jones, whom you may recall from our earlier coverage stopped a carjacking back in January, appeared on the Seattle courthouse steps a few days ago and revealed his true identity to reporters: 23-year-old mixed martial arts fighter Benjamin John Francis Fodor. More details, plus a video, after the jump.

As Jones, Fodor is part of the Seattle-based Rain City Superhero Movement, a sort of real-life Justice League of ten costumed crime fighters. The team began attracting media attention late last year after a string of high-profile incidents. Fodor was at court to attend a hearing regarding accusations that he'd assaulted four people with pepper spray outside an area nightclub, in an attempt to stop what he thought was a fight but that, according to the police report, turned out to be "a group of friends dancing and messing around." No charges have been filed yet, but the Seattle City Attorney's Office told the judge they would need more time to decide whether to file the case and have said that the investigation is not over.

In the meantime, Fodor plans to continue fighting the good fight — and encourages people to help. "I will continue to patrol," he said. "I'm going to do what I've always done... If anyone wants to join me or help me out, send me a message, find me on Facebook. I'll be on the streets."

Here's a video of his big announcement:

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