Exclusive Look At Pages From 'The Darkest Hour' Comic Book

Summit Entertainment has given us two images to exclusively premiere from The Darkest Hour comic book. The limited edition collectible comic is a collaboration with 13 popular comic artists, "featuring stunning artistic takes on the global events of the film's post-alien invasion world." After the jump you can see two of the prologue pages by artist Ben Templesmith. These pages show the early history of the earth and mankind and how the aliens have been hiding in plain sight as lightning phenomena (Summit has previously posted real life examples of ball lightning on a viral website for the movie).  The comic will be available in hard cover, digital download and as a motion comic today (Friday, October 14th 2011).

Official Information:

The hard cover will be available as a handout to attendees at New York Comic-Con this weekend.

The comic will also be available for mobile devices via Comixology starting Friday, 10/14 at this link -

The digital motion comic will be live on Friday, 10/14 on THE DARKEST HOUR official site -

The events in the comic are captured in epic detail as the last remnants of humanity struggle for survival in a world that is no longer their own.

Here are the artists involved with the creation of the limited edition collectible comic art book:

  • Ben Templesmith – Artist of 30 DAYS OF NIGHT (IDW), FELL (Image), WORMWOOD (IDW), cover artist of WASTELAND (Oni Press) – one of the premiere horror artists in comics.
  • Brian Churilla – Artist of THE ANCHOR (Boom Studios), THE ENGINEER (Archaia), and the upcoming THE SECRET HISTORY OF D.B. COOPER (Oni Press).
  • Tom Fowler – Artist of VENOM (Marvel), MYSTERIUS THE UNFATHOMABLE (Wildstorm).
  • Mateus Santolouco – Artist of AMERICAN VAMPIRE (DC/Vertigo), MONDO URBANO (Oni Press).
  • Pia Guerra – Artist of Y: THE LAST MAN (DC/Vertigo).
  • Becky Cloonan – Artist of NORTHLANDERS (DC/Vertigo), PIXU (Dark Horse), DEMO (DC/Vertigo).
  • Nathan Fox – Artist of HAUNT (Image), INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #500 (Marvel), FLUORESCENT BLACK (Heavy Metal).
  • Brian Hurtt – Artist of THE SIXTH GUN (Oni Press), THE DAMNED (Oni Press), GOTHAM CENTRAL (DC).
  • Jeremy Haun – Artist of BERSERKER (Top Cow), DETECTIVE COMICS (DC), LEADING MAN (Oni Press)
  • Ron Chan – Artist of THE GUILD: CLARA (Dark Horse), STAR WARS: KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC (Dark Horse).
  • Nathan Fairbairn – Colorist on Tom Fowler's artwork. One of the top colorists in the business, currently coloring BATMAN, INC. (DC Comics).
  • Bill Crabtree – Colorist on Brian Churilla, Mateus Santolouco, Pia Guerra, Nathan Fox, Brian Hurtt, Jeremy Haun, Becky Cloonan, and Ron Chan art pieces. Currently coloring THE SIXTH GUN (Oni Press), and colored the first 50 issues of INVINCIBLE (Image Comics).
  • Rick Spears – Writer of THE DARKEST HOUR art book. One of comics' true original voices, Rick Spears is the critically acclaimed writer of books such as BLACK METAL (Oni Press), TEENAGERS FROM MARS (Gigantic Press), PIRATES OF CONEY ISLAND (Image Comics), and DEAD WEST (Gigantic Press).
  • THE DARKEST HOUR is in theaters Christmas Day.