Sony Registers Three Possible Titles For 'Zorro' Reboot

Domain registration is such a wonderful source of information. Titles of films are revealed months ahead of schedule because studios need to make sure they own the URL's for their upcoming films and all the information is out there for the taking. In the last week alone, we've gotten hints at the titles of the new James Bond film as well as a possible Doctor Strange movie because Sony and Disney were caught registering a bunch of domains.

Sony's at it again, registering over twenty Zorro themed URL's presumably in anticipation of their recently announced origin story, an adaptation of the 2005 novel Zorro by Isabel Allende with a screenplay Matthew Federman & Stephen Scaia. If the URL's are true, the studio is deciding between different iterations of three different titles: The Forging of Zorro, Zorro Begins or Zorro: The Legend Begins. Read more after the jump.

WhatCulture (via Fusible) reported the 21 registered URL's for the film. Here they are:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

So it seems like the movie will be called either The Forging of Zorro, Zorro Begins, Zorro: The Legend Begins or Z: The Legend Begins. I feel like The Forging of Zorro is a little too complicated for most people to comprehend while Zorro Begins isn't descriptive enough. Z: The Legend Begins doesn't even have the name recognition you're paying for with "Zorro" so my pick would be Zorro: The Legend Begins. It tells you what you're going to get, is catchy and to the point.

Which title do you prefer? To read more about this film, check out our first story on it.