VOTD: Christopher Nolan Talks 'Star Wars' In 'These Amazing Shadows'

As film fans, we sometimes put directors on such a pedestal it's easy to forget they're just like us. They're huge lovers of film who devour all forms of cinema. The main difference is, when they aren't watching movies, they're being handed millions of dollar to make them. But if you went to the hypothetical coolest-bar-ever and saw someone like Martin Scorsese or Steven Spielberg sitting there, you could buy them a beer and just chat about movies for hours.

Another man who loves to talk about movies (as long as they're not his own) is Christopher Nolan. He waxed poetic in a love letter to cinema called These Amazing Shadows, a documentary about the National Film Registry. In a deleted scene from the doc, presented below, Nolan talks about his love of Star Wars. Watch it and read more about the movie after the jump.

Thanks to Nolan Fans for this clip from These Amazing Shadows.

There's actually much more Nolan in These Amazing Shadows, which premiered at Sundance earlier this year and you can see at various screenings nationwide as well as on demand on certain platforms. Visit theseamazingshadows.com for all the details on when you can see it. Here's a trailer:

I reviewed the film at Sundance and really enjoyed it, though it is slightly flawed. However, if you love movies, it's hard not to enjoy the film. Here's a clip from my review, read the whole thing here:

Basically what you take out of These Amazing Shadows is that our films are the "family album" of the world. Due of the National Film Registry, people who live generations from now will know about our society because of the films that were made. It's a very cool and inspiring concept that might not have needed a 90 minute movie to describe, but for 90 minutes, you'll revel in how much you love movies.

Do you enjoy watching your favorite filmmakers talk about movies?