'Primer' Director Shane Carruth Prepping New Film: 'Upstream Color'

When your first film garners the kind of reviews, respect and cult status that Primer did for director Shane Carruth, there's always pressure to go big for the follow up. Instead of succumbing to the hype and jumping into another movie, though, Carruth dropped off the radar. There was one blip last year when details were revealed about a project Carruth was working on, called A Topiary. Then earlier this year, he was confirmed to be helping Rian Johnson on Johnson's 2012 sci-fi mind-twister Looper.

Now Carruth is apparently casting a new film called Upstream Color aiming to shoot in November. It's a small, non-Union production that's different from A Topiary. Johnson – a close friend of Carruth – confirmed the revelation of the project on Twitter, saying "The most exciting film news of the day is not The Avengers trailer." We'd have to agree. Read some cast descriptions and more after the jump.

CHUD was the first site to report the existence of this project which they describe as a "romance/drama/thriller." Here are reported the character descriptions from the movie:

Kris – This is the lead part, and beyond involving a severe haircut change in the film, little is said beyond her being intelligent and plain.

Other main roles include Wesley, a composer in his 50s who is also a farmer, as well as Evan, a guy who works in a record shop and sounds a bit like a psychopath.

There are a few secondary roles up for grabs as well: two 12 year olds from the inner city, along with 16-year old name Phoebe and her grandmother Elise, who are described as being very similar souls.

Not a lot of info there but I have a feeling, with Carruth, the less you know about the film the better.

There is, however, the title to speculate about. It's not a common phrase by any means but the CHUD story says it could refer to "an esoteric biopharmeceutical term that describes impurities present early in the processing/manufacture of a chemical." So will it be literal or will it have to do with an impure relationship? We'll have to wait and see. Maybe until Sundance 2013.

Are you excited that Carruth is stepping behind the camera once again? Are you disappointed that he's not doing A Topiary first?