Infographic: The Ultimate Nerd Guide To New York City

Hollywood may be synonymous with moviemaking, but when it comes to iconic cinematic landmarks, few cities can beat New York, NY. The Big Apple's many facets are well represented in every type of story, for every type of person — including, of course, geeky types like us. While all the other tourists are running to Katz's Deli to pay way too much for the sandwiches Sally made famous in When Harry Met Sally, BuzzFeed's guide to nerd-friendly New York City spots will direct you to Avengers HQ and the future home of Planet Express. Check it out after the jump.

[Click to enlarge.]

The map isn't all movie locations; television shows, books, comics, and video games all get a few spots as well. It's also — despite the "ultimate" in the title — by no means comprehensive, so if you can think of other locations worth noting, feel free to share in the comments. Still, if you're planning to come 'round for New York Comic-Con this weekend, it could provide a few interesting ideas about what to do in your downtime. There's even a Google Maps version over at BuzzFeed, in case you're serious about tracking down these places and need directions. As it turns out, superheroes and their ilk are no more creative than anyone else when it comes to location, so most of these are centrally located in tourism-heavy areas around midtown Manhattan and the trendy parts of lower Manhattan.

And hey, while you're over here, perhaps you'll also want to check out some of New York City's other nerdy haunts as well, like this Doctor Who steampunk bar (there's even a TARDIS inside!), this comic book-themed watering hole, this "superhero supply shop," or this comic book art museum. They're not the sites of world-famous fictional events, the way the locations on the Buzz Feed map are, but you're going to need something else to do after all that sightseeing.