Nick Park Writing New Aardman Animation Stop-Motion Feature

Briefly: Aardman Animation has a big presence in movie theaters this year and next, as the company is prepping two animated features for release. There's the CGI family holiday film Arthur Christmas, for which we just saw a pair of new trailers. And then there's Pirates!, which is a stop-motion picture that looks like quite a bit of fun.

And now Aardman's Nick Park, the man most famously responsible for Wallace & Gromit, is reportedly writing a new feature that does not feature his famous inventor/canine duo.

Bleeding Cool learned of the project during a visit to the Aardman office, and says that company spokesperson Arthur Sheriff said "Park is currently working furiously on a new script." (That's a paraphrase quoted from BC.)

All that is known about the project at this point is that Park intends to use stop-motion animation for the film rather than CGI. That's all I need to hear, however. The other thing we know is that this is likely to be a feature released by Sony, but we'll worry about that detail once there is actually a project to release.