Owen Wilson Says Hansel Won't Be So Hot In 'Zoolander 2'

Zoolander 2 is one of those movies that both the fans and talent involved all really, really, really, really, really, ridiculously want to get made. A script by Ben Stiller and Justin Theroux has been completed for months and everyone is just waiting on Paramount to put the wheels in motion.

While we patiently wait for that to happen, we'll simply have to get excited by what we already know. The film will primarily be set in Europe and takes place ten years after Derek Zoolander revealed his Blue Steel look and once again took the modeling world. In Zoolander 2, though, neither he or best friend Hansel (Owen Wilson) are relevant anymore, partially because Hansel has suffered a "disfiguring injury" like Tom Cruise's in Vanilla Sky.

Yes, that last bit is brand new and you can listen to Wilson talk about it after the jump.

Thanks to MTV for getting Wilson to spill a little bit while promoting The Big Year.

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In the video you can tell that Wilson really didn't want to give up that bit of info and it even surprised co-star Jack Black. Take that how you will.

The last update we got from Stiller on the project not only suggested the Theroux could direct the film this time around but that Will Ferrell would potentially be back.

Where it's at is we've completed the script, Justin Theroux and I, and handed it into the studio. Now the studio has the script and we're at that point where we're waiting to see what they want to do. It's ten years later and most of it is set in Europe. I don't want to give away too much, but it's basically Derek and Hansel ten years later – though the last movie ended on a happy note a lot of things have happened in the meantime. Their lives have changed and they're not really relevant anymore. It's a new world for them. Will Ferrell is written into the script and he's expressed interest in doing it. I think Mugatu is an integral part of the Zoolander story, so yes, he features in a big way.

Zoolander 2 (or Zoo 2 or Twolander as Wilson calls it) is one of those movies I never thought I'd see so patience is no problem. And the fact that Hansel will be all messed up makes perfect sense. What do you think?