Damon Lindelof Teases A Few Secrets Of 'Prometheus'

Here's the warning up front: if you prefer to learn some of the character and story points of Ridley Scott's sorta-Alien prequel Prometheus only through the eventual trailer and film release, beware of what follows. There aren't big super-serious spoilers below, but there might be a tidbit or two you don't want to know yet.

Damon Lindelof, brought on to the project by Ridley Scott and who ended up rewriting the Alien prequel script that Jon Spaihts had penned, is well versed in keeping secrets. But in a recent chat he gives up a few details about Prometheus that add to the recently-released synopsis and might answer a few questions you've had about the movie.MTV talked to the screenwriter, and you can see the chat below. But here are a few key points:Michael Fassbender plays an android, but not quite the established Alien franchise android. We suspected this after seeing some stills and the Comic Con footage, and the android nature of the character was confirmed during Comic Con. Being very slightly more specific Lindelof says,

One of the things that evokes the idea of 'Blade Runner' is, 'What does the movie look like from the robot's point of view?' If you were to ask him, 'What do you think about all of this? What's going on? What do you think about these humans who are around you?,' wouldn't it be cool if we found a way for that robot to answer those questions.

Charlize Theron, as Meredith Vickers, is the corporate stooge in the film. But she's not quite Burke, from Aliens.

That's another one of the familiar things from the 'Alien' movies — that there are corporate interests in play. I feel like Charlize brought a new spin on that old variation. It's a remix .... I don't think she's slimy [like Paul Reiser's character in 'Aliens']. She's not the fast-talking, snake-oil face of the company. By the way, "What company is she a face of?," I think is a big part of the fun. As we were developing the script, she had some really cool ideas that made it not the suit you're used to.

Expect some of the cast to be killed off in a pattern that leaves you wondering who the last one standing will be.

I think the idea of building a really cool ensemble and again presenting the audience with like, 'Who's going to be left standing at the end of this movie? Maybe all of them. Probably not,' [that's] part of the fun of what we set out to do.

That cast, by the way, also includes Noomi Rapace, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Ben Foster, Kate Dickie, Logan Marshall-Green, Sean Harris, Benedict Wong, Rafe Spall, and Patrick Wilson.