'Toy Story 3' Director Lee Unkrich Starts Next Project; Possibly A Fall 2015 Pixar Movie

Those who are fascinated by the development process at Pixar should now be paying attention to the social media presence of Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich. The filmmaker has embraced social media in the past year or more, and now he is using it to open a small window on the creation of his next film.

Last Thursday Unkrich tweeted, "tomorrow is a big day that may determine the next four years of my life. Wish me luck." Pete surmised that the director was pitching a new film to Pixar. And now it looks like that film, whatever it may be, has begun.

Unkrich is really starting from day one, as today's brief missive lets us know:

Today is day one on my next project. Every day I'll post a new photo chronicling the journey. #UnkADay

Along with that was a lone photo on the director's tumblr: the keyboard of a MacBook Pro. So we're left to guess that, whatever the project is, this one is just in the script stage. Subscribe to the director's Twitter and/or Tumblr to get daily updates, but be ready for the long haul. Those who enjoy being given tiny morsels of info about a film in development will undoubtedly get some gems here and there.

Keep in mind, too, that we know zip about this film right now: no title, no subject, hell, we don't even know for certain that it is a film. The most likely conclusion to draw is that this is something that might be released late in 2015, but even that is just an informed guess at this point.