Cool Stuff: 'The Great Directors' By Madhi Chowdhury

It should go without saying that we at /Film have tremendous respect for the great filmmakers of eras past and present, but we also love to celebrate the devotion that these artists inspire. It's why we regularly feature fan-created art and videos that double as both homages to these auteurs and wonderfully creative works in their own right.

We've shown you the work of Madhi Chowdhury in the past, in a previous post we did of his beautiful posters for films like Apocalypse Now and Black Swan. Now the artist is back with another stunning series, this time paying his respects to some of the classic heavyweight directors. Flip through his work after the jump.

They're all gorgeous — I love the visible "brushstrokes" — but I think my favorite has to be the "Spaghetti & Steak" Sergio Leone / John Ford image. It becomes more interesting as you notice the smaller details, like the seemingly random splash of white that turns out to be in the shape of a horse, and the austere Western skyline stretched across the bottom. If you're interested in the textures of these pictures, it's worth heading over to his website to see some close-ups.

These images would be impressive no matter who made them, but the really crazy part is that Chowdhury is all of fourteen years old. I don't know what the ratings system is like in his native Canada, but by American standards, he'd be too young to watch, say, Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange without parental supervision. Despite his young age, however, Chowdhury's had plenty of practice with design. "I've always had a fascination with art & design since I was four or so," he writes on his Behance profile.

Sadly, it seems Chowdhury's Great Directors series isn't currently available for purchase, though you can buy some of his other prints here for $19.99 and up. Maybe if we ask him really nicely?