Early Buzz: Todd Phillips-Produced Comedy 'Project X' Could Be "The New Superbad" Or "American Pie On Steroids"

For a while now we've been hearing about Todd Phillips and Joel Silver-produced low-budget hard-R comedy film Project X. The project was set-up at Warner Bros with a $12 million budget, with Phillips serving as producer and creative godfather' for commercial turned first time feature film director Nima Nourizade. The comedy follows three high school seniors who "throw a birthday party to make a name for themselves," but  as the night progresses, "things spiral out of control as word of the party spreads." Warner Bros has been test screening the film recently, and members of the recruited audience in attendance have been chatting it up on the IMDB message boards and twitter.

What did they think? Find out after the jump.Disclaimer: Test screenings happen for a reason. The film has not completed post production and the filmmaker/studio want to see what works and what doesn't. Films can change drastically from a test screening cut, or might not change at all. The bottom line is that you can't take the opinions from a test screening as a true review of the final feature film. But I think it gives you a nice indication of what general audiences think of the early edit.

That said, here are some of the comments:

CaliKeane: I saw this film at an advanced screening and did not sign a non-disclosure agreement but I will not reveal any real details of the film because frankly I like going to the screenings and if putting details here somehow gets me banned from future screenings I will be very sad. I will just say I found it to be extremely original in its presentation and absolutely engaging like no other comedy I have ever seen. THIS IS A PARTY. I would have nothing but good things to say about this film if I had the permission to do so. Meet the new Superbad. ... The music was fantastic and perfectly edited to the on screen action. I really hope they market this film correctly and it's a success. I was completely engaged from about 15 minutes in. ... The really funny characters are Costa, Tyler, Everett, and the neighbor. The midget gets some laughs for sure but the best part is the wonder that's generated from witnessing truly epic party stunts. If anyone who sees this film can say, pshh I've been to a better party, I will say f#%k off sir. My super sweet sixteen ain't *beep* to this party.

Cool Adam 3: I was there as well and I haven't enjoyed a comedy so much since Hangover. It was completely original and awesome. JULY 15th, 2011 marks the end of my youth.

Umiqua: Just saw a screening and I must say that the movie was stellar from start to end. Even though the version I saw was (supposedly) NOT the final product, this film would be a hit even if released today as it is. All the actors were good, but special kudos go to Oliver Cooper ("Costa"), who was absolutely fantastic and surely has a bright career ahead of him. Big props to the music supervisor. I hope the director/cast/crew (and especially the DP) read this, because this is a testament to the superb product they delivered: when I walked out of the theater, about 3 or 4 times I said — without realizing it — "that was a fun party" instead of "that was a fun movie". I literally felt like I had partied with these kids for 2 hours.

Adam_Roll: Just went to the screening for ... Phillips new movie Project X that comes out in March. Think American Pie on steroids. If thats possible.MattIsland: Saw the new Todd Phillips movie (director of Hangover) Project X. Was not a fan. I did like the guy with the flamethrower though.Tabonr91: Project X = Best party movie ever

Project X will hit theaters on March 2nd 2012.