WTF: Two Men Reenact 'Weekend At Bernie's' In Denver

Weekend at Bernie's is one of those movies a lot of people find funny while totally ignoring the horrific reality of the situation. In the 1989 film, Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman play two men who find their boss dead and decide to hang out with his body, eventually using his clout to live the high life. The film was successful enough that everyone came back for a sequel in 1993. Clever idea but pretty morbid when you actually think about animating and transporting a corpse.

It's even more morbid when you realize two men in Denver kind of duplicated the film last month when the found their friend dead in his apartment and took the body around town, running up his tab at local bars and strip clubs. Fortunately, they left him in the car for all of these activities. Read the details after the jump.

As reported by The Denver Post, Robert Jeffrey Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25 have been charged with "abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation" of their deceased friend Jeffrey Jarrett. They're both currently out on bond.

The story is that Jarret had invited Young to live with him while Young was between jobs and, on the night of August 27, Young came home and found Jarret dead. Instead of calling 911, he went to Rubinson's job and the pair returned back to the apartment where they loaded the body in the back of a Rubinson's SUV. They then went to Teddy T's Bar and Grill and drank on Jarrett's tab while his body was in the back seat of the truck. At that point, they brought Jarrett's body back to his apartment, took his ATM card, got some Mexican food and then withdrew $400 to go to the strip club. Once that place closed, the pair flagged down an police officer and said Jarrett's body was at his apartment.

"This is a bizarre and unfortunate crime," said Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson. "This isn't anything you want to have happen to a loved one. You want them treated with respect in death."

Pretty screwed up, no? You can read more about the case at The Denver Post.