'Source Code' Being Developed Into A TV Series By CBS

In Duncan Jones's sci-fi thriller Source Code, the "source code" itself is a technology that can send a living person back in time to relive the last 8 minutes of another person's life. In that time, the user can attempt to find clues as to how or why the person they're inhabiting died. The film uses this conceit to solve a terrorist attack and stop potential ones but you'd have to think, if this technology really existed, there would be millions of possible applications. CBS is hoping for just a few dozen a season because they just purchased the rights to develop Source Code into a television series. More after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news of this deal. The show will be produced by Mark Gordon (Grey's Anatomy) who also produced the movie and, just like in the movie, the show will follow a top secret agency that sends agents back through time to live the final 8 minutes of someone's life who died in a tragic event with the hopes to solve it.

So basically it's C.S.I: Sci-Fi.

While the Source Code idea is obviously ripe for a television crime drama, what I'm curious about is whether or not the show will embrace the ending of the movie.


At the end of Source Code, it's revealed that each time someone goes back in time, it has the potential to create an alternative dimension. For a better explanation, check out this post. If the show embraces that second level concept, it could not only bring in the C.S.I and Law & Order fans, but the Fringe and Lost fans as well. Then again, it's CBS, the station who thinks geeks are like in The Big Bang Theory, so I have little faith. It'll be cool either way, but if they went all the way, it could be amazing.

What are you thoughts on Source Code the TV show?