Director Shawn Levy Floats Ideas For Possible 'Real Steel' Sequel

The release date for Real Steel is still a few weeks away, but it's never too early to start thinking about a sequel, right? Director Shawn Levy has revealed a few ideas he's playing with for the potential follow-up, which John Gatins, who scripted the first film, has already been tapped to write.

Set in a future where human boxing has been rendered obsolete by the advent of robot boxing, the first Real Steel follows fighter-turned-promoter Charlie (Hugh Jackman) as he builds and trains a droid for a championship match that may just be Charlie's last chance to prove himself. So, where do we go from there? Read Levy's (non-spoiler-y) thoughts on a possible sequel after the jump.

Some of the notions we're playing with... for instance we went very anthropomorphic in both the design and the movement of the robots in this movie, I think we can really blow that out. The class warfare between underworld and [World Robot Boxing], that's something that seems rich. The evolution of this father and son's relationship, and Hugh's relationship with Evangeline...

Certainly, the premise seems like it'd lend itself well to a series of movies. If Levy does well with setting up the world and characters of the first film, the "class warfare" angle sounds especially promising. But I haven't seenĀ Real Steel yet, so I can't speak to whether a sequel sounds like a good idea.

Not that what I think matters here anyway, of course. As with any other possible sequel, it'll come down to how the original performs when it opens. If you feel strongly about the planned sequel either way, keep an eye on the box office when Real Steel hits October 7 in the U.S.