Director Marc Forster Discusses Changes In 'World War Z' Including Zombie Movement

Similar to the globetrotting plot of the film, excitement for World War Z has been all over the map. Fans were initially jazzed that, after years of development hell, director Marc Forster was finally going to adapt Max Brooks' book about a global battle between humans and zombies. The early casting of Brad Pitt was another high point. But as shooting finally began, details leaked that the plot of the film had major variations from the novel. A video depicting a violent zombie transformation then won back a few of those naysayers.

Forster, taking a break from shooting next December's zombie film to promote Machine Gun Preacher, has finally addressed some of these changes and concerns. Watch the video after the jump. Thanks to MTV for the video.

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You had to guess he'd say things like that. The book doesn't have an easy, straightforward narrative ripe for adaptation like most popular books. It's told almost completely in flashback meaning very little is ever at stake for the main character. Plus, the main character isn't that "main." He's more of a conduit for the other characters. "Your humble narrator," if you will. If you cast Brad Pitt in a zombie movie, he can't just walk around talking to people the majority of the time. He needs to be in the action constantly. So, changes had to be made and – thankfully – they're incorporating some of the imaginative and horrifying scenarios Brooks filled his book with.

As for the speed of the zombies, some may be upset that Forster and company has decided to make such a radical change from the book by increasing their mobility. However, with the amount of zombie movies most of us have seen now, zombies just aren't as threatening if they're lumbering around super slow. Plus, if you listen to Forster's words, there seems to be some subtext that maybe there are different kinds of zombies or that zombies can regress to a slower pace. That definitely piques my interest.