See Designs For The 'Hellraiser' Remake That May Never Happen [Gallery]

It sounds as if the Dimension remake of Hellraiser has stalled out once again. Can't pretend to be sad about that, really. The film has been an on-again, off-again thing for years as the Weinsteins try to figure out a way to bring Clive Barker's unsettling tale of family tension, physical limits and sexual horror back to the screen. A number of 'hot at the moment' horror talents have been attached, then fallen away after spending time developing the story.

Most recently Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry) have been attached to write and direct, but this week said it looked like their version wouldn't happen. But you can see some concept art for the film they were trying to assemble. And it ain't bad, or at least this Pinhead has something going for it. Check the gallery below.

STYD heard Farmer and Lussier talking about the Hellraiser remake during a signing event for Still Screaming this week, where the duo "were telling fans that it was looking unlikely that it was going to happen with them involved."

And the site got hold of a few pieces of concept art that show a rather different version of Pinhead and some other cenobites. I actually really like the jacketed Pinhead seen here — there's something appropriate that works with Barker's original conception of the character. Almost makes me sad we'll probably never see this one on the screen. Almost.