Doc Brown Is The New Face Of Argentinian Electronics Store Garbarino

It seems Christopher Lloyd's still doing brisk business playing Doc Brown, his iconic character from Back to the Future. I loved seeing him step back into character for the Nike MAG sneaker ad — right in the middle of the Lone Pine Mall, no less. But there's also another, somewhat less awesome commercial featuring Lloyd-as-Doc making the rounds.

A couple of weeks back, we posted an Argentinian ad showing Doc crashing his Deloreon into an electronics superstore called Garbarino. Now a pair of follow-up videos have been released. One features Doc, now "the new face of the Garbarino campaign," as he oohs and ahhs over gadgets on display in the store. In the other, Doc attends a fake press conference during which he explains why Einstein's not with him and expresses his desire to see some sexy Argentinian tango. Check them out after the jump.

My reaction to these spots aren't quite as strong as Geekologie's — who tagged their post with things like "noooooooooooo," "sadness," and "ruining things" – but I definitely cringed a bit at first. It seems a bit sad that Lloyd's still having to play the same character to shill phones and tablets, 26 years after the first film was released. He doesn't have the "it's for charity" excuse this time around, either, as he did for the Nike spot. Nor does it help that the commercial is neither particularly funny or especially clever.

On the other hand, who am I to begrudge him whatever princely sum he was paid for these spots? Or to tell the Argentinians they can't have their very own Doc Brown-starring ad?

Or hey, just think of it this way: Better that he reprise the role for some cheesy foreign ad than for — shudder — some ill-advised remake or sequel.

Discuss: OR IS IT? Any of you out there secretly harboring hopes for a gritty reboot of Back to the Future? Or are these Doc Brown-starring ads enough for right now?