'The Human Centipede 2 [Full Sequence]' US Teaser Trailer

Seems like The Human Centipede Part 2 [Full Sequence] has been smeared all over the place in the past couple days, what with the Australian teaser debut, the announcement of the film's premiere at Fantastic Fest, and now this official US teaser.

So at this point you very possibly know all you need to know about the film, in which case there's no sense summarizing the exploitation sequel here. Suffice to say that writer/producer/director Tom Six wants us to believe that this has all the ugly grotesquerie of the first film, amplified several times. This one is so crazy it is black and white. (Wait for the eventual color blu-ray release.)

This teaser opens with some footage from the first film before moving into clips from the new one, introducing the manchild milquetoast-looking antagonist Martin. There are a couple shots in there that look like they're not safe for work, even if they technically don't show any nudity or violence. Needless to say, this is the Human bloody Centipede we're talking about, so keep that in mind when watching somewhere other than home.

Yahoo has the HD feed, should you really want it.

All we've got by way of a synopsis is this:

Tom Six's follow-up to "The Human Centipede" ups that ante with a brute force unparalleled in motion pictures today.

But based on the teaser and the reputation of the original film alone, I think we can safely assume that's all we really need. Labyrinthine plotting and deep characterizations are not in the offing here.