Superhero Bits: X-Men First Class, Batmanning, Superman, Black Cat, Wondercon

How did X-Men: First Class screw with the overall X-Men movie timeline? What is Batmanning and does it play into a new fan film? Which superhero does Denis Leary prefer to The Amazing Spider-Man? Would we have The Dark Knight if it wasn't for Batman & Robin? Want to hear about a mentally disabled man having $5,000 of Superman memorabilia stolen? What's the latest on Batman: Arkham City? Read about all of this and more in a spoiler-free edition of Superhero Bits.

/Film reader Henry T sent in his 13 minute Batman fan film called Batman: The Line. Let him know what you think in the comments.

It's old but it's new to some of us: a very cool and stylized piece of art by Mike Mignola, circa Batman vs. Predator via Geek Tyrant. posted this master shot of Marvel cosplayers at Wondercon 2011. We'll run it now because there's a bunch of cool cosplay in today's Superhero Bits.IGN noticed that, with X-Men First Class, the timeline of all the X-Men movies is pretty messed up. Hence the video above.

With the new DC Universe currently launching, The Flash's marriage has been ended according to Topless Robot.

Geeks Are Sexy has a huge gallery of cosplay from Dragon*con 2011 so head there to check out more images like this Captain America. Here's an awesome Robin and Poison Ivy as well as a good Batman and Superman.

When you beat Batman: Arkham City, there's a whole different mode that will be available. WhatCulture has all the details.

You've all heard of planking but what about Batmanning? That's the new hotness thanks to The Awesomer.

St. Louis Today (via Bleeding Cool) has run a sad story of a mentally-disabled man who worked at McDonalds who had $5,000 worth of Superman memorabilia stolen from him.

Due to the amount of graphics and images included in Superhero Bits, we have to split this post over TWO pages. Click the link above to continue to the second page of Superhero Bits.

Artist Meme Machine will soon release this set of Kryptonite soup can prints. Read more at OMG Posters.

"If it hadn't been for Batman and Robin we would never have gotten The Dark Knight. Here are six reasons why." And with that sentence begins an article called Six Reasons Why Batman & Robin Was The Best Comic Book Movie Ever over on The Geek Twins.

The Daily Blam found this cool snippet of one of the behind the scenes featurettes from the X-Men: First Class Blu-ray that'll be released on Friday.

The Batman: Arkham City soundtrack album track list has been announced. Check out the full press release over on Action Figure Insider.

Gamma Squad has posted a slide show of Black Cat cosplayers. Seventeen attractive ladies dressed as a cat. Exciting.Denis Leary was asked about rebooting The Amazing Spider-Man only a few years after the first series and his response was a surprisingly frank and fanboy one. Thanks to Starpulse:

I didn't give a sh*t. I'm not really a Spider-Man fan. I'm more of a Batman guy.

We're a little cosplay heavy today but some stuff is just too funny such as Batman's Day Off from Superheroes (via Fashionably Geek.)

IGN has posted this new behind the scenes video of X-Men Destiny featuring Stan Lee.

/Film reader David C sent in this big time fail from the TV Guide app.