'The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence' Crawls Into Theaters In October

Briefly: You have a month to prepare: on October 7, Tom Six's The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence will hit theaters. If that seems like pretty short notice before the release, well, it is. Very short. We haven't even seen a trailer yet from IFC. (There was that one footage-free teaser many months ago.) That leads me to wonder what the release strategy really is with the film. Is IFC hiding it, or just waiting for the opportune moment to throw a little sandpaper masturbation in our faces?

Don't know what I'm referring to? If you don't mind being spoiled, refer back to the UK Film Board's refusal to give a rating classification to the film, effectively banning it in the UK. In doing so the film board gave away a large chunk of the film's plot. That works almost as well as any trailer would — reading some of the film's gory and creepy details should be enough to help you decide whether or not to see the film. But for those who don't want to read everything just yet, a trailer would be nice. Or 'useful' is probably a better term. [IFC via STYD]