VIDEO: Director Gary Ross Discusses 'The Hunger Games' Teaser; Viral Site Revealed?

After an overload of casting announcements, photos and incredibly short teases, audiences got their first official look at The Hunger Games Sunday night as Lionsgate premiered the teaser trailer on MTV. And it was a tease in the truest sense of the word, offering little to no context to what was being shown or how it was significant. Fans certainly got it but non-fans were most likely left confused and disappointed. After all that hype, this was what we got?

Yes, but there's more to come. Director Gary Ross touched on that as he spoke exclusively to MTV via Skype and offered a director's commentary over the teaser trailer. He also hinted at a bunch of exciting reveals soon to come.

In addition to Ross's video commentary, we'll point you towards the first Hunger Games viral campaign after the jump.

Thanks to MTV for this video, which you can watch right now.

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Considering he's still shooting the film aimed at a March release, I understand Ross's penchant to hold back most of his footage. But it would have been nice for the voice over, at least, to explain the story to the audience. As it stands now, it's Gale (Liam Hemsworth) – hardly a presence in the first book though he's sure to be more involved in the movie – pumping up Katniss  (Jennifer Lawrence) for something general audiences have no idea about. At least the footage itself, of the woods and Lawrence with the bow, looks solid. I'm inclined to believe we'll see much more convincing, and exciting, stuff in the next few months.

One hint of that is a viral website fans over at Coming Soon discovered. It's and seems to slowly be revealing some kind of image, much as happened with Bane and The Dark Knight Rises. Here's what it looks like as of 2:45 p.m. PST.

Any ideas what this could be? A map of The Arena maybe? The cornucopia? And what do you think about Ross's comments over his trailer?