Taylor Lautner, Nicolas Cage And Others On 'Expendibles 2' Wish List

Things are getting clearer and clearer in regards to The Expendables 2. That's not to say there's a cast yet, not even close, but all the names that are being floated now make more sense. A new report says that Taylor Lautner, Christopher Lambert, Nicolas Cage and Christian Slater are all on an extensive wish list that director Simon West, producer/star Sylvester Stallone and producers have for the action sequel. On that list are also the names previously reported: John Travolta, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris and Jean-Claude Van Damme. However, most actors – Donnie Yen excluded – have yet to be made offers so it's nothing more than a list. Read more after the jump.

Moviehole's article is the one that drops these new names. They're source also said of this wish list, it's a "big list, man. Most offers yet to go out."

Basically the filmmakers made a list of all the big action actors they'd love to be in the movie if budget, script and schedule weren't a factor and haven't offered most of them a role yet (Yen was, however, but is waiting on the script). This is the definition of a non-story as, of COURSE they made this list. I'm sure Stallone made this list in his head when the first box office numbers rolled in on Expendables opening weekend.

But...that doesn't mean it isn't fun to speculate and talk about it. I think Taylor Launter is 100% out. He's too busy, too expensive and too young to appear in the film. Christopher Lambert is an interesting choice, possibly as a bad guy, but he doesn't quite have that instant recognition of the other stars. Sorry Highlander, fans. Nicolas Cage seems like a long shot as well because he's still considered a major star. Then there's Christian Slater. His Fox TV shot Breaking In just got renewed and he was never an "action" star but he was around at the same time as these other actors. Seems feasible.

Who is your dream team for The Expendables 2?