VOTD: The Visual Effects Of 'Game Of Thrones'

The worst part of watching TV shows as they air is the long stretches between seasons. Luckily with a show like Game of Thrones, that's based on a series of novels, fans can go ahead and read what happens next in the battle between the Starks and the Lannisters. But if you're more a visual person and hate that whole "reading" thing (you're out there, don't deny it), we've come across two very cool videos that highlight the digital effects that went into making HBO's hit show. It won't exactly feed your appetite until next year when season two airs, but, it's a start. Be aware though both videos, and one in particular, contain spoilers. They're clearly marked after the jump.

Thanks to Like Cool for finding these videos, both of which are sizzle reels for special effects companies that showcase the kind of work they did on the show. Most of it is set extension and the way these videos are edited, it makes it look incredibly impressive.

The first is for a company called Bluebolt and is relatively spoiler free for the first 2 minutes but then begins showing bigger and bigger things until they literally show the final scene of the first season of the show. If you haven't seen, stay away. Or at least punch out by 2:30.

The second video is similar and done by a company called Screen Scene. There are tiny spoilers here, but nothing major that someone who hasn't watched the show would be able to figure out.

I must say, the work done by both these teams is jaw-dropping, mostly because while watching the show, I never even thought about it. I was just in that world. Plus, it's great to hear the fantastic score again. What do you think about these videos?