Cool Stuff: Rich Pellegrino's 'The Royal Tenenbaums' Poster

This December will mark ten years since Wes Anderson released The Royal Tenenbaums and it remains as breathtaking today as it was in 2001. The unique portrait of an eclectic New York family of artists would have been interesting on its own but mix it up with Anderson's trademark style and it pops off the screen. A new piece by artist Rich Pellegrino does the same thing, taking Anderson's memorable characters and immortalizing them in his trademark watercolor-esque style. Check out your exclusive first look at the full piece after the jump and find out when you can buy it.

Here's Rich Pellegrino's The Royal Tenenbaums.

The 18" x 20" poster (the image size itself is 17.5" x 17.5" with a slight border) is limited to 200 pieces, each signed and numbered by the artist. They're printed as an archival giclee on 300# Italian cold-press watercolor paper and go on sale 2 p.m. PST Friday August 26 at Spoke Art.

You probably recognize Pellegrino's work from the numerous pieces he's done for Gallery 1988 and more. I love his style; he makes you look at familiar characters in totally new ways. Normally he presents each portrait individually. To see all of these characters together at once makes the viewer appreciate Pellegrino's unique spin even more. Out of the bunch, Chaz has to be my favorite. The way Stiller's chin protrudes out makes him look imposing, which is exactly the sort of thing that character would like.

Spoke Art also has the third round of the Quentin vs. Coens show coming up as well as a second round of the Wes Anderson themed Bad Dads, which will feature this piece by Pellegrino. You can find out more about those shows on their site.