'Taken 2' Shooting In October, 'The Wolverine' May Push Back To Spring Start

Two sequel shoot dates have cropped up in the last 24 hours. The first is for Taken 2, which Luc Besson told ComingSoon will shoot in October. Director Olivier Megaton has "everyone back for the sequel," including Famke Janssen, says Besson. Which means that Taken 2 is going to be about Liam Neeson fighting the reanimated corpses of all the people he killed in the first movie, I suppose. (If one wants to read ComingSoon's paraphrasing literally.) I'd see that movie.

After the break, we've got the possibly bigger news: The Wolverine is now likely to push back to a Spring 2012 start date, to accommodate both Japanese weather and Hugh Jackman's schedule making Les Miserables.

Deadline reports two big factors playing into the Wolverine shoot date. The first is Japan's weather, and that in general concerns about locking down locations in Japan could push Fox to shoot the film in Canada or some combination of Canadian and Japanese locations. Let's hope for the latter if that change has to be made; some of The Wolverine should really shoot in Japan.James Mangold is still set to direct The Wolverine, which is still based on Christopher McQuarrie's script that adapts, in some manner, the classic early '80s Wolverine mini-series by Frank Miller and Chris Claremont.