/Filmcast Ep. 157 - Fright Night (GUEST: Jordan Raup From The Film Stage)

This week, Dave, Devindra, and Adam compare the classic Straw Dogs to Rod Lurie's new remake, try to get excited about a new Blade Runner film, and wonder whether or not story still matters in modern movies. Special guest Jordan Raup joins us from The Film Stage.

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  • (1:14) Jordan Raup from The Film Stage joins us!
  • What We've Been Watching

  • Jordan (01:50): Drive, Straw Dogs
  • Devindra (12:42): Conan, Stake Land
  • News Discussion

  • (23:50) Ridley Scott is making a new Blade Runner
  • (35:10) Does Story Matter Anymore?
  • Featured Review

  • (49:15) Fright Night
  • Credits

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