'Beyond The Game' Trailer: An In-Production Documentary About The World Surrounding Video Games

With the amount of people making documentaries about awesome subjects right now, the film community needs to collectively cross their fingers so maybe we'll get to see them completed and released. We recently wrote about Just Like Being There, which focuses on gig posters, My Other Me, which focuses on cosplay and Toy Masters, which is about He-Man. I'm sure that's not even scratching the surface. Case in point, we've just come across the trailer another niche, geek documentary called Beyond the Game. The film is being produced by Animatronic Ackbar and tells the story not only of video game culture, but the effects video game culture has had on society. Plus it seems to have a particular focus on fighting games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat.

And yes, that's a photo of someone DJing with a Nintendo DS and Game Boy.

If we're going by the trailer, this should be a kick ass, exciting documentary. Check it out and learn more about it after the jump.

Thanks to Geek Tyrant for the heads up on this film. Here's the trailer.

Beyond the Game: the EVO 2011 Trailer. from AnimatronicAckbar on Vimeo.

Animatronic Ackbar is "a Los Angeles based art collective specializing in all facets of digital media." You can read more about them (but not really the movie, there's not much out there about it)  on their official site as well as their Facebook.

When we find out more about this movie, we'll let you know, but even just from watching the trailer it seems like the filmmakers behind Beyond the Game have chosen to cover some exciting events, met some great people and highlighted a whole bunch of different facets of gaming. I know I instantly related to the talk of arcades. Are you looking forward to this one?