'The Amazing Spider-Man:' Two New Images Show Off Costume Details

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We've seen plenty of images of Marc Webb's new version of Spider-Man in the past couple months, but two new shots can't hurt. And these are shots posed to echo classic images of Spidey, and lit to show off a wealth of detail in the new costume that has been created for The Amazing Spider-Man. Check 'em out below.

Of these two images, I prefer the one of Spidey hunched over, seemingly perched on a rooftop corner looking down at the street. It's a very Mike Zeck-looking image that recalls the Kraven's Last Hunt storyline. (Though the image I'm thinking of is actually of Kraven, not of Spider-man.)

Lots of great detail to check out here: the slightly iridescent color on the costume (resembling the iridescence on many spider species) ; the sportswear-like soles of his boots (makes sense, really) and a few specific ways that color has been used in the gloves and arms.

Images via Uruloki.