Cool Stuff: Typographic Movie Posters By Jerod Gibson

Short of putting a Blu-ray on your shelf or a poster on your wall, quoting a movie in conversation is one of the best ways to pay tribute to movies you love. We've all dropped a quote from a movie into casual conversation and then gotten a nod of recognition from someone who is in on the joke. What's cool about these posters by designer Jerod Gibson is that it takes those quotes and puts them on a pedestal, making the words the stars of iconic films like the original Star Wars Trilogy, Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Ghostbusters. After the jump, check out a huge gallery of images and more.

Gibson's posters are referred to on his official site as the 37 Posters and if you head there you can buy them as t-shirts, posters, iPhone or laptop skins and more. Thanks to Geeks are Sexy (and First Showing) for the heads up.

I only count 22 images in this style on the Society 6 site but the series is definitely called "37 Posters" so it seems like this series will continue to expand, and has been over the past year or so when the posters first popped online. Possible films in the future are Swingers, Back to the Future and some Stanley Kubrick stuff according to the Facebook Page. The series isn't just limited to movies either (though we did above). Gibson also has posters for TV shows like The Simpsons and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Personally, while the images Gibson chooses for each poster aren't particularly interesting, the way he manages to place the quotes into each one at all different angles and styles is very striking. Like I said above, the quotes are the stars and you can tell how iconic a line is by the size of it.

What are you thoughts on this series? Would you buy it as a poster or maybe as something else?