Infographic: Jason Voorhees' Body Count In All The 'Friday The 13th' Movies

If you really think about it, Jason Voorhees was incredibly creative. An artist of death. Though everyone always thought the little deformed boy who drowned in the lake had some sort of mental deficiency, if you look at his impressive body (or should I say "bodies") of work, he truly had some evil genius in him. Anyone with anger issues can stab a person with a knife but only someone who is truly twisted can punch off a head or impale someone through the eye. And Jason came up with new and gross ways to kill time and time again.

Don't believe that Jason was a genius? There's a visual piece of evidence to back it up. It's a comprehensive infographic by The National Post showing all of the people Jason Voorhees murdered from Friday the 13th Part 2 though Jason X as well as how he did it. Check out cornucopia of carnage after the break.

Thanks to The National Post (with a heads up from Culture Popped and /Film reader Chase Whale) for the fine work. Click on the image to blow it up.

This image came out in 2009, around the time of the remake, so it doesn't take the kills from the new movie into account. Plus, the way that film played out, it always seemed like that movie was more of a reboot than a sequel. (And on a side note, if you're curious what happened to the sequel to that movie, producer Brad Fuller talks about it on Twitter a lot, basically stating that the disappointing numbers Scream 4 drew in put a pause on a lot of bigger budget horror movies. It seems everyone is going low budget because of Insidious.)

Still, Jason fans will always have these films to relive if they want to see their hockey masked hero in action. Which film is your favorite and which is the best kill?