Glimpse The True Forms Of The Aliens In 'The Darkest Hour'

We've been teased for some time with info and concept images from The Darkest Hour, the sci-fi film in which Emile Hirsch is trapped in Moscow fighting ball-lightning aliens who have come to take all of our precious energy. The trailer dropped earlier this week, and it seems to hide the 'true forms' of the aliens pretty well — if in fact they have true forms beyond being flashes of energy. But a closer look suggests that there is definitely more to be seen, and a couple of images will point that out after the break.

A note: this isn't some grand reveal, as the images below are right in the trailer. But they pass quick enough that people who only gave the clip a cursory glance might not have noticed the detail. That said, proceed!

So here's the concept art, seen at Comic Con, that shows one form of the aliens, and suggests more of a 'body' than a pure energy wave:

And this gallery has two frames from the trailer, followed by blown-up inset enlargements.

Or, for a slideshow video look, check this clip:

It's a small tease, and again, not a very secretly hidden one, but for those who watched the trailer via some small YouTube presentation, it might still be a new look.

For a little more on the aliens, Emile Hirsch told io9,

...the aliens in the film are called Spooks. We don't call them Spooks, but that's what they will be called when the movie comes out. We don't go: "There's a Spook." We don't say that. We're just like: "That thing!" But [they're] the Spooks, because they're like invisible, they're like ghosts kind-of. That was the thinking on the writers' part, on the pen to the pieces of paper.

And if you thought the trailer, with all those shots of deserted Moscow, had a bit of a 28 Days Later vibe, you're not alone, as the actor says,

It's a little bit more like 28 Days Later in a sense than these other kind-of scifi movies, which are more of the active invasion and the battles and things like that. In 28 Days Later, there's the big zombie takeover, but then it's like all quiet and everything's simple and abandoned. It's the story of survival and that's what Darkest Hour is essentially.