Watch A Clip From Marvel's "One Shot" Short Film 'The Consultant' Starring Clark Gregg As Agent Coulson

We've been hearing rumblings for a while now that Marvel would begin releasing live-action short films with their feature films, to introduce, test out, and tease possible future Marvel story-lines and characters. The idea is to use the short films as a development testing ground kind of like what Pixar has done with their computer animated short films. Originally we heard that these short films would be included with Marvel's theatrical feature film releases, but it appears these "Marve; One Shot" shorts will be getting packaged as DVD/Blu-ray extras on the home video releases instead (which makes sense, as they provides extra value and might sell a bunch of extra copies).

The first short film will be released on the Thor Blu-ray/DVD — Its titled The Consultant and features Clark Gregg reprising his role as Agent Coulson. Marvel claims that the two "Marvel One-Shots" which have been completed both star Gregg as Phil Coulson, "offering up two self-contained stories about the day in the life of a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent." It seems like the first set of One-Shots are more of an expansion of the Marvel cinematic universe than an addition, filling some of the holes left behind in the feature film chronology so far. Watch a clip embedded after the jump.

Here is the teaser thanks to Marvel:

Agent Coulson and Agent Sitwell are talking about how they plan to approach General Thunderbolt Ross, who you might remember from The Incredible Hulk. You might also remember that The Incredible Hulk featured a post credits scene that featured Tony Stark meeting up with General Ross in the bar. So this short film appears to be a prequel to that button.

The second short, titled Marvel One-Shot: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Thor's Hammer... will be coming your way in the near future".