'The Dark Knight Rises' Set Photos Reveal New Tumbler And Bane's Full Costume

Update: We've added one more, even possibly more revealing, photo.The Dark Knight Rises hit Pittsburgh this week with an incredible amount of fanfare. The city put up a huge bat symbol, held a press conference and now set photos from the shoot have revealed some pretty spoiler-heavy images. The first is a full-body reveal of Tom Hardy as Bane and we also see the Tumbler, but with a new twist. We'll keep everything after the jump for those of you who want to avoid any kind of potential spoilers for what's surely the most anticipated movie of 2012.

Here's a gallery of the photos thanks to Just Jared (via Bleeding Cool)

[No photo]

UPDATE: /Film reader Cameron Arruda alerted us to this site and the fifth picture above. It appears to be another MAJOR SPOILER. Jump to next paragraph if you wish to avoid. Here it goes. It appears to be Bane ripping up a photo of Harvey Dent. Let the speculation begin. Back to the original article. END SPOILER.

If you look closely, you'll notice that for some reason, Bane is standing on top of the Tumbler, which is now camouflaged (EDIT: Just like the original in Batman Begins. Thanks for the heads up).  But what's cooler than photos? Video. Thanks to Cinemablend for finding this video from SubaruWRXFan who promises more videos soon.

Christopher Nolan and crew haven't been in Pittsburgh for more than four days and already this is the kind of access we're getting. You can look at in one of two ways. Either you think it's great to see images from the set of the film revealing characters, locations and situations or you hate the fact that these spoilers are out there.

I'm sort of in the middle. I hate being spoiled but I do enjoy looking at these things. What bothers me the most, though, is that this spy photo obviously isn't how Christopher Nolan wants us to see Bane. He wants Bane to be menacing. Frightening. And standing in the sun, talking to some grips on set isn't exactly that.

Unfortunately, this is probably how we'll get our first glimpse of Catwoman too.

Which side of the fence do you fall on? And what do you think of the full body costume? And not only why are we back to the  camouflaged Tumbler, but why is Bane standing on top of it? And what's up with that final photo?