Frank Darabont Steps Down As Showrunner Of 'The Walking Dead'

I guess it would have been pretty awkward if Frank Darabont had taken the stage at The Walking Dead panel this past weekend at Comic Con and announced that he was leaving the show. So he did the panel as if everything was fine, and today he announced that he is stepping down as showrunner of The Walking Dead. And... yeah, that's still awkward.

The Walking Dead is midway through production on its thirteen-episode second season, and the reason behind the writer/producer/director stepping away from the showrunner spot is reportedly that Frank Darabont never quite got the hang of working in the fast pace of TV production versus feature film production. That sounds like a thin reason, but we've got a few more details after the break.

Deadline reported the news and EW confirms, with both sites saying that Mr. Darabont could conceivably stay with the show in some capacity. Deadline also says this will not affect production of the show, which will continue as previously scheduled, right up until the planned premiere on October 16.

Here's the trailer for the second season:

At Comic Con, Frank Darabont said that the second season picks up right at the end of the first. Spoilers follow for the end of the first season:

Season two picks up with five seconds of overlap with the end of the first season. They're driving away in the truck and the CDC blows up. None of this 'six months later' crap.