VOTD: Deleted $10 Million Opening From Bryan Singer's 'Superman Returns'

Those of you who follow Superman lore closely will already know that the opening of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns was originally intended to be different than what played in theaters. The opening that was shot and ultimately discarded sees Superman (Brandon Routh) making his return to Krypton where he finds a barren rock laced with kryptonite.

The scene laid the groundwork for a few moments in the film we did eventually see, but was evidently deemed unfit to open the movie. The sequence showed up as a bonus feature on the recent Superman Anthology blu-ray set, and now it is online. Check it out below.

I'm not sure where the $10m figure comes from that is being bandied around with respect to this sequence, as I haven't seen the original presentation of this footage. The number was originally reported by CHUD, it seems. And, given the use of effects, I am willing to believe this ran a couple million bucks a minute. While some more of this way-out sci-fi spirit would have been welcome in Superman Returns as a whole, but I can't say I like this sequence much. It's too empty for me; while I tend to like slower, more contemplative sequences like this, I don't think this one communicates enough, especially as an opening.

This clip has been floating around for a little while, first on the recent Superman Anthology Blu-ray set as mentioned, then via a low-res cam capture and now in this HD YouTube presentation that hit the internet during Comic Con. Here you go: